Classic Blackjack Gold

To play the Classic Blackjack Gold Series place your bet and click on Deal. See the complete guide below.

A Guide to the Black jack Gold Game

Blackjack has always been a classic casino game – there’s just the right amount of luck and skill involved that makes every hand play out just a bit different. It rewards smart plays and can win you big bucks. It’s everywhere in the casinos, whether they be physical or virtual. If you’re looking to sharpen up your blackjack skills before stepping foot in the casino, Classic Blackjack Gold is the game you want to be playing.

Are you a blackjack pro or a newbie to the game? If you’re a pro, you’ll feel right at home at the virtual table. If you’re new to the game, simply click the Min/Max Button on the top left of the screen. You’ll be greeted by a menu that shows you the game rules in succinct fashion. They’re easy to learn and you’ll be playing with the pros in no time.

Game Rules

To begin, you must decide just how much you’re willing to bet on each hand. Betting is easy: all you do is click the arrows to cycle through your chips, ranging in denominations from 1 to 200. From here, click the button in the center of the screen that says Tap to Place Bets. Clicking this allows you to start betting. If you want to use different amounts of chips, cycle through them before hitting the button again. Bets can range anywhere from $1 to $200. You begin with $2,000 in virtual chips, but with careful betting, you can expect to see this number rise. If you decide that you’re not happy with how much you’ve bet, underneath your chips is a simple Clear Bets button. Once you’re happy with the amount, hit the Deal button and watch the cards come at you. You’re greeted by a woman’s voice who calls out just what you’ve hit. Hopefully, you’ll hear the words, “Blackjack! Player wins!” If you don’t, you may need to Hit, Stand, Double, or Split. Once the hand is over, you can quickly hit the Rebet button to bet the same amount of chips as you had previously. If you don’t want to do this, simply bet like before. Keep in mind that you won’t bet for real money.

Classic Blackjack Gold plays just like you would expect. It has all of the classic rules and replicates the game perfectly. But how does it look? While it’s no real life casino, the graphics are definitely respectable. The table is laid out just as you would expect and there’s a shoe, a place for discarded cards, and even a tray with all of the various chips for the dealer. It looks good but plays even better.

If you’re looking for an easy to play yet difficult to master game, blackjack is the right choice. And if you’re looking for an easy to play online version, Classic Blackjack Gold is definitely the right choice.