Classic Blackjack

To play the Free Blackjack select your betting amount and Click on Deal.

This Classic Blackjack game is not suited for mobile devices. If you have a mobile device go to our free mobile blackjack game.

A Guide to Classic Black jack

If you find yourself wanting to learn the game of blackjack, yet haven’t mustered up the courage to actually go to a casino and try your hand, Classic Blackjack is where you’ll want to hone your skills. It isn’t quite like playing in person – after all, there’s no pressure and you don’t play for real money – but it’s good enough to let you perfect your game and gain the courage to play for real.

How to play

  • Click on a chip placed under "Your bet" on the table's left
  • Click on "Deal"
  • Click on "Hit", "Stand" or "Double Down"
  • Repeat steps 1-3 for another hand
  • Your "Play Money" status appears under "Chip Stack"

This flash version of the ever popular card game plays just like it would in real life or a real money game. Your goal is to add up your cards that are dealt to you, hoping to come as close as you can to 21 without going over, all while trying to beat the dealer. Blackjack has various rules across the world but in this version, the dealer must draw cards until they’ve reached 16. They also must stand on 17. If they go over 21 or you’ve reached a number higher than them, you win the pot.

It’s easy to bet the amount you want to: simply click on the chips in the bottom left hand corner until you’ve reached a sufficient bet, then hit Deal. If you need another card, getting another is as simple as a click of the Hit button. If you don't want to be dealt any more cards you just click on the Stand button.

The Classic Blackjack Flash game isn’t the flashiest game on the internet – other versions of the ever popular game replicate sitting down more realistically than this version. But if you’re looking for a game that’s no frills and is sure to teach you the intricacies of black jack, you’ve found the right one.