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Blackjack has been a part of British gambling culture since it came over to the UK. It initially gained popularity in France at the turn of the 18th century. It was originally called "21" but as time passed it gained its more commonly used tag of Blackjack.

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Naturally, Blackjack has gone on to become one of the most influential and most popular casino card games in the world. It has featured in heavily in Hollywood films over the years including such box office hits "21" and "Croupier". The World Series of Blackjack had prize pools that reached $1 million. Some famous names earned their reputation thanks to live televised Blackjack tournaments such as Jean Scott, Stanford Wong and James Grosjean. Along with Poker, it has been revolutionized by the internet and increased media coverage.

This popularity has also become evident in the United Kingdom. It has something that cannot be rivaled. It has that camaraderie of the players versus the house. This is what makes it such a strong favorite with casino players. They feel united with their fellow player. This isn't the same as Poker where the players are trying to take each other's money. No reputations are necessarily on the line here. This is the people taking the fight to the big man.

Blackjack is also a more complex game than it first appears. It is easy enough to pick up but can take a lot longer to actually master. The simple basis of the game is to beat the house. If you hit 21, you win. If you hit closer to 21 than the house, you win. If you don't... you lose. However, search a little bit deeper and the game becomes much more comprehensive. There are tactics, strategies, rules, approaches and much more. You might not be playing against a player but you are playing against a system. Add to this the mystique involved with card counting and suddenly Blackjack becomes the most alluring game in the world.

You will see this popularity in every casino in the UK. No matter whether you go to the casino at 2pm or 2am, the Blackjack tables will always be full of players. The seductive combination of simplicity and complexity along with the thrill of playing the house directly really makes it an enjoyable experience. There is also the fantastic banter to enjoy with the fellow players. There are no hidden agendas and no ulterior motives.

The introduction of the internet has only increased Blackjack's popularity in the UK, and the world over. Sites such as William Hill, 888 Casino and Party Casino have excelled the game's name by simplifying its play to allow new players to pick it up much quicker and allowing experienced players to focus on the more important areas of their play such as their strategies and tactics. The option to play both play money and real money has attracted a whole new genre of player. It is much more accessible and has opened it up to a whole new audience. It is no longer confined to the casinos or pub machines. It is now in our homes, on our phones and everywhere we go. Another benefit of Blackjack is how cheap it is to play. Online casinos offer games for any amount which means you can bet anything from 1p to £100 and beyond. Not only has the availability of the game online made it much easier and more versatile to play it, but it has also made its terms more flexible and appealing by offering something for everyone.

Blackjack is a game that anyone can play. That is one of its main appealing factors. You don't have to be a 20 year veteran to win and you don't have to have thousands of pounds to play. It is a game that is going from strength to strength as technological advances ensures its future is safe. It might not have had the impact on British society that Poker has but given enough time there is no doubt that the Blackjack pandemic is well and truly in prime position to start. If you have any questions about how popular it is the UK then you just need to visit a casino, at any time of the day, and there you will find your answer.

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